8 meters of management literature in 8 hours

MBA in One Day includes the ideas and insights of the greatest management thinkers of our time.

MBA In One Day


The problem: shelves full of (unread) books

Your bookshelf is stacked with highly interesting management books. Great books on leadership, strategy, implementation and more. There they all are… eating dust. Most of them still unread. When will you find the time to read all this? Let’s face it, that time will never come. All managers face the same problem: so many interesting books to read, so little time.

The solution: MBA in one day

Good news: Ben Tiggelaar and his research team already did all the reading work for you! They read and analyzed all the ‘classics’ in management literature. From Stephen Covey to Henry Mintzberg and from Jim Collins to Marcus Buckingham. Tiggelaar extracted the most valuable insights from all these management bestsellers.
Now all these key insights are packed into one thrilling management seminar: MBA in one day. 8 meters of management literature in just 8 hours!

MBA In One Day


The MBA in One Day seminar is made up of four parts:

Part 1


Pulling the Cart

  • Manage yourself before you manage others!
  • The most effective habits, the best roles and dozens of practical insights
  • From manager to leader: It’s possible!
  • Based on: Covey, Quinn, Blanchard, Drucker and others

Part 2


Everyone in the Right Spot

  • How do I build an entrepreneurial and effective organization?
  • How do I become and stay excellent?
  • How do I move from product-oriented to customer and process-oriented?
  • Based on: Mintzberg, Hammer, Buckingham, Peters and others

Part 3


Where Are We Heading?

  • The core questions and answers for your unique strategy.
  • How do I find a Blue Ocean?
  • From strategy to business model in 9 building blocks
  • Based on: Porter, Kotler, Christensen, Osterwalder and others

Part 4


 Making It Happen & Continuous Improvement.

  • Go from good to great
  • Lead change effectively in 8 steps
  • Get rid of the weakest link
  • Based on: Collins, Kotter, Kaplan & Norton, Goldratt and others

MBA In One Day


Managers with business education background

Managers studied business at the university and college are familiar with the books of Mintzberg, Porter and Kotler. Many may involve relatively in operational tasks in their early career, in which the insight of these books cannot be applied. And when you needed now but the knowledge has sunken into the back of the head? MBA in One Day is the ultimate refresher of this knowledge: combining insights of ‘the classic business school thinkers’ to ‘everyday management experience’ fills a gap for many managers.

People with interest in management books

There are many great business books are being released every day. But you just don’t have the time to read all of it? MBA in One Day teams already do the work for you! The selection of the greatest hits in management which deliver immediate value to your organization.

Successful Entrepreneurs

Many successful entrepreneurs have started as a professional. An accountant, an engineer, a designer. When the business starts growing, entrepreneurs will need additional skills (strategy, leadership, organisation, and execution) to build and manage the business. Do you find yourself lack the business knowledge to make good decision? Yet do not have the time to invest in a proper business course? MBA in One Day is THE solution to strengthen your management knowledge!

People considering a real MBA

Have you ever dreamed of studying for an MBA? And is not sure whether the content and intensity is a good option to choose at this stage in the career? MBA in One Day will be your good second option to have a ‘sneak preview’ of a real MBA course.

MBA In One Day


Ben Tiggelaar (1969) is probably the best-known Dutch management teacher today. He is a best-selling author, international speaker and behavioral scientist who has spent the last 30 years learning everything there is to know about leadership and change.

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